​Lilienthal Gallery / 23 Emory Pl. December 1, 2023 - February 29, 2024

Sigrid Artmann, Anthony Huang

Curators: Ilana Lilienthal & Kelly Ferguson

This exhibition curates a meditative dance that transmits the energetic flow of creativity into a poetic form of careful precision and elegant imperfection. These expressions mirror the natural world by balancing simplicity and complexity, color and form, space and non-space, to create a reflective animation of spirit––that which is present to itself in the certainty of unconditional self-knowing. Art, in this form, is pure transmission of embodied existence.

Contemporary access to study the fundamentals of both the Eastern and Western art historical canons sparks cross-cultural inspiration and connections. Artmann’s asemic compositions evoke the self-sufficient phenomena of Cy Twombly; Hai-Jiang’s impressionistic qualities and subject matter recall the lineage of Van Gogh or Monet; and Huang’s colorful, abstracted landscapes inherit a particular entropy similar to the oil paintings of Turner.