C for Courtside / 513 Cooper St. February 7 - 29th

Serra Bothwell Fels, Taylor Baldwin

Infinity/Infinity/Perfect Vision, work by Serra Bothwell Fels and Taylor Baldwin, opens on Friday, Feb. 7. The artists are giving a public lecture at the UT School of Art on Thursday, Feb. 6 at 7:30pm.

image: Taylor Baldwin, the plague year, 2014, 67" x 48" x 48", materials: wood glue, prehistoric whale ear bone, cymbal stands, coconut shell, epoxy resin, magic sculpt, walnut, climbing handhold, purple heart, yoga mat, salvaged gas pipe, cholla skeleton, driftwood, corian, candle, acrylic, heart pine, steel, plexiglass, urethane, traffic cone, axe handle, drum stick, peace pipe, plywood, garden hose, screws, aluminum, makeup applicator, lead, screwdriver, zip ties, limited edition slurpee straw, driftwood, plaster, banister cap, tradeshow display, geodes, hdpe, vinyl tile, mop handle, offcut from dan’s sculpture, rainbow strap, ball chain, masonry line, fiberglass driveway markers, enamel, trophy eagle, resin mixing sticks, maple, birch, ash, 1972 kennedy silver dollar, broom handle, melted solo cup, pipe cleaners, rosewood, door stop, beads, rocks, copper slag, skeleton toe, pen nib, thread spool, coat hanger, co2 cartridge, table top, drill vice, bent spoon, mel’s toothbrush left in bathroom after breaking up.