Gallery 1010 (UTK) / 100 S. Gay St. , Suite 114 March 1 - 2nd

Chloe Wack, Janessa Ladson, Brian Fuson, Hannah Langer, Nathaniel Evans, Francis Akosah, Eliza Frensley, Somerset Alley

Overall, this show is a way to celebrate everyone who makes our magazine possible. We also want our submitters to feel a deep sense of achievement for their creations. And, we would like the audience to immerse themselves in the work.

The works submitted for this issue need to be shared. This is not a solo show or works specifically made with the goal of being displayed in a gallery. Instead, they symbolize the coming together of a variety of creatives and tell their own stories. Each piece represents a moment of existence in the 2020s. When they come together, it truly is a sight to see.

At the Phoenix, our mission is to bring student art and literature to The University of Tennessee Knoxville and the city as a whole. We have a website, social media, and curate at least two physical magazines each school year. Yet, there is a certain level of connection that can only take place in the real world. Even still, the wonderful works we select are not celebrated as much as they should be.