Knoxville Museum of Art / 1050 WORLD'S FAIR PARK DRIVE October 23, 2020 - November 29, 2020

Katie MacDonald, Kyle Schumann

Beginning this Friday Oct. 23 - Nov. 29 Exhibition Homegrown in the KMA South Garden.

Homegrown is a site-specific outdoor installation by designers Katie MacDonald and Kyle Schumann that examines potential applications for Tennessee's invasive plant species as productive building materials. The project will take the form of an inhabitable pavilion constructed from a panelized assembly of biomaterial aggregate. The resulting structure is biodegradable. The pavilion's structure makes use of generative structural design known as topological structural optimization, allowing the surface to be alternately thin and dense or thick and porous based on structural needs of the overall assembly. The exterior is flat and angular, reflecting the aesthetic of conventional standardized paneling while the interior is curving and forms sculpted furniture. MacDonald and Schumann held the 2019-2020 Tennessee Architecture Fellowship at the University of Tennessee and cofounders of the design practice After Architecture