UT Downtown Gallery / 106 S. Gay St. June 2, 2023 - August 31, 2023

Alex Gingrow, Kyung Jeon-Miranda, Jim Lee, David X. Levine, Makeda Lewis, Steve Locke, Audrey Stone, Trish Tillman

Curated by former Knoxvillian, Alex Gingrow, In We Trust asks us to consider what we trust without mandate and why. What are those systems and values we believe in? What do we accept, and what do we let go of? For Gingrow, trust leads to community and empathy. With this path forward, she has curated an exhibition of works with “magic moments, when we are transported beyond ourselves and made to think about the creator, and why they made the very choices they made.” In We Trust invites the viewer to “stumble into empathy - the building block of exchange and community.”