The Central Collective / 923 N. Central St. August 22, 2019 - August 22, 2019

Jalynn Baker

How Did We Get Here?
Photo Gallery & Pop-Up Portrait Studio

Will we ever make progress if we haven’t explored our past? How Did We Get Here? is an interactive photography show that engages this very question. Knoxville photographer, Jalynn Baker is collecting portraits and stories of immigration to the United States to reveal some of the different ways that people have become inhabitants of this country. Whether arriving as adults or as children; by choice or by necessity; whether born into a migrant family or born and raised in the states, the inhabitants of this land make up a beautiful nation of immigrants and natives.

How Did We Get Here? celebrates the unique mix of heritage that finds a home in the United States while encouraging love and understanding, in a climate where hatred is being spewed regarding the origins of our neighbors. The interactive show will allow viewers to listen to others’ immigration stories while also providing the opportunity (if desired) to have their portrait taken and their family heritage added to the collection of stories. This project is for everyone who calls the United States their home.

Light refreshments from around the world will be served.