Gallery 1010 (UTK) / 1150 McCalla Ave. November 9, 2018 - November 11, 2018

Anna Halliwell Boyd

Shuffling through my collections of old school notes and childhood photographs made me aware of all the relationships that did not endure past adolescence. I began to examine this collective loss with a curiosity of how different my present reality would be had I not allowed for those relationships to end. These personal items made me wonder if I even knew the actual context of the memories anymore or if my mind was biasedly filling in gaps. Just how far removed was my version of the past and how deeply are these “truthful” remnants constrained by memory?

My thesis work is my effort to find a sense of resolve in this unknown, to consider what possibly could have been, and acknowledge that which never came through to fruition. In my artwork, by manipulating and distorting the very artifacts of my pivotal teen years through the present, I am regarding the erosion of these memories and addressing the disconnect from that moment to now - separating the subjects from the viewer. This series is titled, Forget Me Not (Really), to speak to the looming presence of severed connections, this reminder of what could have been, that haunts us and lives on only in our deepest thoughts.