Gallery 1010 (UTK) / 100 S. Gay St. , Suite 114 November 5, 2021 - November 7, 2021

Muriel Condon
Sarah Ellis
Jake Ingram
Lila Shull
Dustin Brinkman
Gary White
Christa Carleton
Elysia Mann
Olivia Fredricks
Guen Montgomery
Mary Climes
Erin Wohletz
Heather Halpern
Danqi Cai
Haley Takahashi
Zoe Brester-Pennings
Aubrey Roemer
Jane Herzog
Gesine Janzen
Cammy York
Madison May
Claire Moore
Riley Douglas
Raluca Iancu
Vanessa Adams
Barbara Tharas
Kristina Key
Caitlin La Dolce
Madeline Bartley
Andrea Narno
Baxter Stults
Madeleine Conover
Stephanie Alaniz

This fabric print exchange's theme is "American Landscape," which can be interpreted as a construction of an idea or ideal, stolen land or celebration of expansive space. The artists have been invited to explore domestic, public, micro or macro, historic, animal / vegetable / mineral, political, and/or personal subjects. The vision of this exchange is to use print to create a quilt: an object of comfort and catharsis. Many print exchanges printmakers participate in are archived in a box, destined to be tucked away until you fetch it out for a rare viewing. In its final form, the Field of Squares quilt will inhibit the participants' homes in a form of constant soft display and be interactive, since it holds an innate ability to provide warmth when wrapped around a body.