Gallery 1010 (UTK) / 100 S. Gay Street, Suite 114 September 3, 2021 - September 4, 2021

Emily McCall Roca Rice

This sensation
From the crunching bones of palms
And seeping out of fingertips
Coursing and pulsing

Toes spread
Hips sway
Trembling from a touch of atrophy
And gravity

Leaves splay out from the branch
Which bends and curves
An observational analysis of the surrounding world

Time and erosion hold some truth
Time and erosion also obscure it
They are the ancient myth-makers

This is a reflection
It has to do with seeing
And sensing
Remembering and misremembering
Trial and error
Putting disjointed and frayed ends together
Hoping something sparks

There is a placing and sorting occurring
A type of piecing and restoring
Something old to something new
Or something borrowed

Maybe not so blue
But familiar
With its color
Vaguely reminiscent of a plant in the backyard
An herb added to the bread

There’s a sprint
And a type of dizziness that accompanies it
And right before passing out and throwing up
A type of magic happens then

It’s a making and not making,
Remaking and recreating and tearing down,
And passing down and passing over

It’s learning a language but not all of the way
Creating a new tongue from made-up words
A type of post postscript


Fragmentation and post-apocalyptic realities motivate their sustainable practice. Investigating what is torn, broken and dead, and then reshaping these materials is their alchemical method for transfiguration and a way to gather all of time together.

These are manifestations of a believed and beloved reality through an exploration of the fascia between relationships, magic, joy and time. A visual praxis is their comprehension of what is remembered, forgotten and misremembered. These transformative objects in space connect moments and individuals through their storytelling.