The Emporium Center / 100 S Gay St. March 30 - April 1st

Hannah Sorensen

This exhibition is a collection of paintings on stretched canvas and fabric that are focused on ideas of stain, femininity, and anxiety. My paintings include three consistent motifs: the wine/wine stain, the figure, and the carpet. All are constant. The figure in my paintings is surrounding and surrounded by a corporeal carpet, which is stained or unstained by red wine. The layering between these three ideas is the biographical, storytelling that is the basis for my work. These paintings have a wide variety of mediums, including oil paint, cochineal beetle pigment, red wine stain, and poke berry stain. The usage of the red wine stain, cochineal beetle pigment and oil paint connects with the materialization of the paintings while incorporating the conceptions of stain. The stains are marks not easily removed or are even irremovable. Stain is the atmosphere or interior space. Stain is the trauma, emotional pain, and anxiety physically layered into these paintings as a figuration of memory.