C for Courtside / 513 Cooper St. January 20, 2018 - March 2, 2018

John Powers
Lynne Ghenov
Joshua Bienko
Rubens Ghenov
Kim Faler
Eleanor Ray
Melissa McGrath
Claudia Peña Salinas

The growing art community in Knoxville is excited to welcome, C for Courtside, a new 2600 sq ft artist-run curatorial space nestled beneath the Second Creek overpass on Cooper St. (located just a few blocks from A Dopo Sourdough Pizza, Remedy Coffee and Crafty Bastard Brewing). The launch of the space has been made possible in part by the generous support of an Ann and Steve Bailey Opportunity Grant.

The inaugural show will feature the work of the four founding members (Lynne Ghenov, Joshua Bienko, John Powers and Rubens Ghenov), as well as work from four artists specifically selected by the C for Courtside Directors. Mirroring the space itself, the show titled A Half Note Familiar seeks to consider work from inside and outside of the region in a way that contributes to and influences broader contemporary dialogues.