Fine Arts Building Gallery (UT Martin) / 16 Mt. Pelia Rd., Martin, TN January 31, 2017 - February 11, 2017

Robbie Hunsinger

Robbie Lynn Hunsinger brings her custom coded robotics, hacked game controllers and interactive artworks to the Fine Arts Gallery at UT Martin for Visible Sounds, a one woman show opening January 31st.

Prepare to create your own artwork with Visible Sounds at UT Martin. Hunsinger has set the stage but it is up to you to grab the Wii Remotes and create the beautiful geometric drawings of ConCentrix. A single mic stands in front of a black monitor inviting your participation with FireMic where you control animation with sound, and her new iteration of the Arduino Drummer series uses a floor tom and responds to your movements with flourishes, taps, and now with bright sound responsive colors.

Visible Sounds, Interactive Installations opens January 31 at 5 PM and runs through Feb 11.