Stay Home Gallery / Stay Home Gallery, Paris, TN September 8 - December 12th

Lyndy Bazile
Alison Chen
Katherine Duclos
Sage Eubanks
Melissa Huang
Jessica Kitzman
Kassandra Palmer
Rebecca Potts Aguirre

Nothing short of magical, we are pleased to bring you COVEN, a group exhibition featuring Lyndy Bazile, Alison Chen, Katherine Duclos, Sage Eubanks, Melissa Huang, Jessica Kitzman, Kassandra Palmer, and Rebecca Potts Aguirre. Carefully selected for representation by curators and Stay Home Gallery co-directors, Kaylan Buteyn and Pam Marlene Taylor, these 8 artists have spent a year conversing regularly online, learning from each other, and forming a unique creative bond. Their connection is similar to a group of witches gathering in the night and their artwork may just cast a spell on you. We know you’ll find healing through the ritual and ceremony present in the lush figures adorning Lyndy Bazile’s paintings and dive into portals of childhood, present, and future in Rebecca Pott’s underwater works. Jessica Kitzman’s textile works will entice you to reclaim the power of domestic items while the poignant work of Katherine Duclos will dare you to defy gravity. The secrets of connection may be revealed to you in the piercing and delicate photographs by Alison Chen, or you might lose a sense of reality by staring into the abstract worlds within Kassandra Palmer's paintings. You may find yourself believing in the supernatural when you see Melissa Huang's paintings move or believing in your own sorcery when viewing the introspective work by Sage Eubanks.With mystical elements present in each work, they communicate declarations of space, presence, and power. We are so proud to share the magic within these paintings, photographs, sculptures, and more- with you. We hope they give you the sense of home and magic that they give us.