Stay Home Gallery / Tennessee Hwy, Paris, TN January 11 - April 5th

Kaylan Buteyn, Elan Cadiz, Casey Neumann, Iviva Olenick, Yifan Wu, Fu Fang, Pam Marlene Taylor, Kelli Connell, Natalie Krick, Ilana Zweschi, Colleen RJC Bratton, Connie Fu

A new year stretches in front of us, but last year’s mark was significant. For so many of us, the pattern of our lives changed dramatically. Our ideas shifted, our schedules changed, our nature altered. Just like the ring of a tree grain can show changes from year to year, our lives have shifted in response to 2020. As a reliable historical reflection, artists embody these shifts in concept and practice, forming patterns in paint, thread, line- shaping large works from small pieces- creating space and filling it.

For this exhibition, we chose a "plus one" style of curating where Pam and Kaylan both chose 1 artist each, both of those artists chose one artist each, and so on until we reached a dozen artists! The final two artists were given the task of naming the exhibition and writing the curatorial statement for the show- which means each artist in this exhibition is also a co-curator!