Fine Arts Building Gallery (UT Martin) / 16 Mt. Pelia Rd. , Martin, TN October 1 - 31st (Reception: October 21 3:00pm - 5:00pm)

Sharon Havelka, Mary Jo Karimnia, Paula Kovarik, Carrol McTyre, Jennifer Sargent, Mary K Vangieson

Show Statement:

We are six artists. Our aim is to support, nourish and react to each other’s work with critical eyes born from group discussions. It’s a long-lasting dialog based on the belief that our process will be honored.

In 2 sides/6 points we ask ourselves these questions. How does one artist’s work reflect or reanimate the same ideas in another’s? How does an immersive conversation with an artist bring greater depth to the work?

Each of us has chosen a work by one of the others and reflected, reacted and created a work inspired by that piece. The work shown here brings the group dynamic to the public eye