Stove Works / 1250 E 13th St. July 28, 2023 - August 26, 2023


I paint and draw about addiction, aging, alcoholism, Amazon Prime Funeral, anger, art school students, boat, boredom, brain, breaking up, broken heart, cactus, cars, casket, cats, coma, cops, cows, cruelty, dad, dance, death, depression, desert, Disney, dooms day clock, dreams, drugs, eating, end of the world, exit range, expectations, extra-terrestrial, failure, fart, feelings, flowers, fungus, genitals, gentrification, god, guns, hats, hate, holes, horses, houses, iPhones, isolation, Japan, jealousy, Jeff Bezos, Jesus, KKK, lambs, language barrier, loneliness, lottery, love, lovelessness, marriage, McDonald’s, mental illness, missing cats, missing dogs, missing self-esteem, modelo, mom, mountains, Mr. Bean, Mr.bean movie, naked people, negativity, New York City, nightmares, night time, ocean, old people, pain, pain killers, palm trees, piano, politics, ponies, Popeye’s, problems, qdoba, questions, revenge, river, road, sad vacation, stress, supreme, tax, tears, TMNT, trust fund, umbrellas, urinals, violence, Waffle House, wheel chairs, whiteness, youth and Zoloft.

I use acrylic and oil on canvas and wood.
I use ink and watercolor on paper. Sometimes I use clay.