Channel To Channel / 3800 St. Elmo Ave, , Suite 111 December 10, 2022 - December 31, 2022

Brianna Bass

Three-pointed Sphere, a solo exhibition featuring new work by Brianna Bass opens Saturday December 10, 2022. Brianna’s work focuses on utilizing hard-edge geometric abstraction to convey the act of seeing with that of hearing.

Artist Statement:

A painting is an utterance: intention is released in a swarm of particles while systems organize and separate one image from another, shaping individual colors and marks into legible molecules. For me, primary colors are basic building blocks, like words or letters in language. They are points of location on a limitless form which shifts and expands relentlessly. Basic elements repeated in patterns establish certainty and legibility in a painting, but when a color gradually transforms into another color, a point of dissonance occurs. The mind wrongly names what the eye sees. Certainty, in color, is futile. Through this process, I try to simulate the effect of inaudible speech, and the strain to draw from unusual frameworks to parse meaning. Visual phenomena like simultaneous contrast and agitating geometric shapes untether our reliance on our senses. Texture and brushwork act as noise, a crackle over an air wave. A shadow is a murmur, a lapse of understanding that is not a loss, but an active, alchemical space. The relentless, orderly hum dissolves to trigger a listening vision of the world between words and sounds.

Opening Reception: Saturday December 10. 5-8pm. On-view through December 31.
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