Carlos Gallery (The University of the South) / 105 Kennerly Rd., Sewanee, TN October 10, 2016 - October 30, 2016

Brian Hitselberger

Hitselberger is an artist living and working in Athens, Georgia. His installations, paintings, and works on paper explore a variety of themes that shift between subjects and perspectives alternately intimate and immense–occasionally within the same piece. His modestly scaled paintings and drawings employ detailed mark-making, dense layering, and unexpected relationships between form, content, and material, yielding works that strive for optimism without simplicity, and wonder without resolution.

Seeing in the Dark is composed of several distinct series made over the last several years, each piece touching on or relating to ideas of the night. Culturally and historically, “night” can connote the mysterious or wicked: deserving of a sense of fear from the unknown. In this exhibition, Hitselberger embraces all these associations but seeks to extend them. He uses the image of a night sky as visual shorthand to communicate more complex conceptual intentions: longing for that which is out of reach, the sublime, a sense of the mysterious, the infinite.