AVA: Association for Visual Arts / 30 Frazier Ave. February 24, 2023 - April 7, 2023

Jerry Allen
Amanda Brazier
Maggie Callahan
Matthew Cook
Ashley Cortes
Linda Coulter
Darcie Denton
Darron DeSantis
Alfred Clyde Dodson III
D. W. Gram
Carolann Haggard
Lupina Poi Haney
Billy Hargiss
Lisa Houser
Robin Howe
Faye Ives
Ann Jackson
Michael McCallie
Savannah McMahan
Carina Miller
Suzanne Suggs Mortimer
Jeffrey Morton
Ruth Pearl
Victoria Pearmain
Adrienne Powell
Connie Roberts
Rick Sanders
David Spiller
Melanie Mitchell Tucker
Delaine Wendling
Heidi Wilson

The City of Chattanooga and the surrounding Hamilton County each have a dynamic and complicated history. Over the centuries this area has served as the site of settlements of various Native American cultures until the tragic removal of the Cherokee during the Trail of Tears, a train and logistics hub through to the Southeast, a decisive Civil War battlefield, an ever-changing landscape as a result of TVA development, Civil Rights demonstrations and sit-ins, growing and changing communities from valleys up to mountaintops, industry and intense pollution, incredible natural beauty and tourism, as well as many forms of music, arts, language and culture. For this exhibit, artists were invited to submit works that explore, document or depict different aspects of Chattanooga’s landscape, communities, history and people as well as day-to-day life in the Scenic City and surrounding Hamilton County. This group exhibit will feature over 40 works in a variety of media, from photography, painting and illustration to sculpture and mosaic and will take place in AVA’s Main Gallery.