Hunter Museum of American Art / 10 Bluff View May 10th

Rondell Crier

Commissioned by the Hunter, Flights of Hope and Healing is a 37-foot mural created by local artist Rondell Crier that speaks to shared histories and hopes for our community. Crier, a multimedia artist, regularly involves the community in his creative process, an integral element of this new artwork and also an important component of the Hunter’s mission.

The artist said of the mural: This mural will be a powerful and symbolic public art piece that captures the celebration of societal transformation and collective growth. In contemplating the idea of celebrating America, I see a diverse tapestry of values, making it challenging to align on a single track toward liberation. Despite our many differences, we share a common identity—being human—and a shared responsibility to love one another, safeguarding the world we inhabit alongside other species.

Visit RondellCrier.com to view Crier’s past works in the community.