University Art Gallery (The University of the South) / 735 University Ave., Sewanee, TN April 19, 2019 - May 11, 2019

Ivey Dahlstrom, Violet Hoagland, Barton Perkins, Brianna Young

Join us for the opening of Reclamation: an exhibition of photography, sculpture, and collage by the University of the South’s senior art majors.

With her photographs, Ivey Dahlstrom explores the profoundly ordinary - the everyday - and the experience, look and feel of home. Violet Hoagland honors the possibility of resiliency and healing in her sculpture, creating abstracted human bodies from discarded objects and materials. Barton Perkins builds eerie multimedia collages packed with found objects, glitter, crayon and resin. Presenting a manically cheerful front, his collages are haunted by dark stories and the echoes of familiar images.  Brianna Young plays games. Her collages shuffle and combine playing cards, advertisements and body parts to explore questions about the body, from objectification and body image, to the mental and physical games of hookup culture, to the physical games of athletes.