mi cabana September 1, 2019 - November 1, 2019

Amanda Agricola, Natalie Baxter, Douglas Degges, Bridget Bailey, Cody Tumblin, Eric Oglander, Natalie Baxter, Kayla Thompson, Bradley Marshall

The second show at mi cabana, pendent non-fictions, is a collection of everyday objects caught between being functional and non-functional: a quilt, a wind-chime, refrigerator magnets, dinner plates, shirts, sake bottles, and even a store bought cake inhabit the space, but don't necessarily provide their intended functions. Rather, each work in pendent non-fictions is becoming and denying their thingyness not by their specific use, but by their own unstated logics. Message @micabananoesgrande via instagram to arrange a visit.

curated by: Austin Reavis