LIT Art Gallery / 4015 Tennessee Ave., Suite C April 13, 2018 - April 28, 2018

Laura McMillian

Please join us for ARC's Spring resident artist Laura Mcmillian's opening reception for her installation and performance, Pounding Branch accompanied by music, performance, and light refreshments.

Drawing influence and inspiration from costumes for parties and folk celebrations, McMillian's work is “a complex pastiche of source material including field notes, drawings, video, and sound. I consider storytelling a highly political act where we remember the ways humanity is ceaselessly connected instead of divided...Creating a specific time and place through artistic means was discovered in childhood through my first visit to Mother Goose Village at Rock City and rekindled as an adult when I entered New York’s underground party scene."

McMillian will be using her time in Chattanooga to craft a 'love letter' to Chattanooga with an installation complete with sound, performance, and costume. Additionally, McMillian's work draws influence from Tennessee and Appalachian history and folk tales, from Milk Snakes to Lover's Leap.

View more of McMillian's work at her website: https://famousartistlauramcmillian.squarespace.com/