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Jules Jackson

There are many Jules and I was the 300th. One is an artist, one is a lawyer, and one is a judge--and they are all defined by what they're not.

This ongoing body of work explores the universal human tendency to condense our lives into narratives. It follows a fictionalized Jules Jackson through the history that made him who he is, and the echoes of his future. What are the forces that created his values? His quirks? His ambitions? His many anxieties? A wide cast of characters drift in and out of his life. The images in this body of work blend fiction with real events, suggesting a story while refusing to nail down any specific plot-line. Is there a moral to this story? Only if the viewer imagines one.

You Are Jules investigates the forces that shape a person, including family lineage, environment, and random chance. It presents a thesis that the formation of a person begins before they are born, and continues after death