Stove Works / 1250 E 13th St. August 12, 2022 - August 20, 2022

Josiah Golson

I been stuck in this room since I was 16

Head against the wall, every morning on repeat

Lost in my music, mirror, and these magazines

Trying to find a face that will make you look at me…

FESTIVAL is a work of poetry, installation, and performance through which Josiah Golson explores identity and belonging through his relationship with popular music and its imagery. Through visual and textual narrative displayed in the space of a teenage music lover's bedroom, Golson shares his experience of negotiating the complexity of influence and seeking authenticity amid the power structures of popular culture. Over a series of documented performances between August 12th and 19th, Golson will transform the installation into a final work, exhibited during Open Studios on August 20th.