Institute of Contemporary Art (UTC) / 752 Vine Street January 20, 2021 - March 19, 2021

Mark Bennett, Marc Boyson, Amanda Brazier, Lenka Clayton, Phillip Andrew Lewis, Glass House Collective, Tanè Hopper, Raquel Mullins, Andrew O’Brien, Dylan Pew, Reed Schick, Jeff Whetstone

Home/ is the inaugural exhibition of the Institute of Contemporary Art (ICA) at UTC, and highlights artmaking in our city that celebrates a sense of community and awareness to place. The exhibition expands ideas of “home” through 12 artists with a direct connection to Chattanooga, with artwork made between 1995-2020 and ranging from drawing, painting, photography, printmaking, sculpture and video.

The circumstances and challenges of the prior year called into question how one defines, documents, and reinforces a unique sense of place—relationally, socially, geographically, and politically: from the rapid physical shrinking of direct social circles due to quarantine and “stay at home” orders, to creating new online communities through digital tools, to monitoring our impact on and reconsidering relationships with our region’s land, and by recalling domestic spaces—both imagined and real—as places for creative abandon and protection.

The artists in Home/ approach these realities from their individual viewpoints unique to our city and region: topics range from the most personal and intimate first-hand experiences, to more universal questions addressing our innate human desires for connection, mobility, mark-making, and representation.