Stove Works / 1250 E 13th St. December 2, 2022 - January 27, 2023

Sarah Umles, Heather Yeo, Holden Brown, Maria Lux, Daniel Shieh, Neil Daigle Orians, Anika Todd, Seth Daulton, Taylor Loftin, Gina Stuccio, Jessi Hamilton, Jill Frank, Alea Coble, Sergio Suarez, Quin Crumb, Heather Yeo, Hannah Spector, Mamie Bivin, Holden Brown, Taylor Loftin, Seth Daulton, Will Sutton, Travis Neel, Jodi Hays, Gina Stucchio, Thomas Pilnik, Maria Lux, Carlie Trosclair, Bethany Springer, Neil Daigle Orians, Emily Clayton, Gigi Gatewood, Charlie Newton, Heath Montgomery, Olivia Tawzer, Brett Callero, Kris Bespalec, Katie Hargrave + Meredith Lynn, Christina Renfer Vogel, Jessie Bean, Erica Scoggins, Darcie Denton, Raymond Padron, Grace Shahan, Jazmine LeBlanc, Kirby Miles, Jody Harris, Jackson Case

This exhibition celebrates artistic practices that prioritize playfulness, keen observation, and intimacy - pursuits that are evident among many of the artists that spend time at Stove Works. The idiom “Birds of a Feather” pays homage to the friendships, connections, and community that are found within the sanctuary that is this residency. Residents are gifted the precious resources of time, tools, and space. They are able to dedicate themselves to play and ponder, build upon threads of research, and realize impressive bodies of work. This year we see a spectacular range of ideas and processes happening in the studios. There are also some amusing crossovers, many of which reveal aspects of the artist’s relationship to the environment, to one another, and to their time in Chattanooga.

It is a breath of fresh air to witness artists in the sacred space that Stove Works has created. This little world that exists outside of most of the regular interruptions and roles that artists balance day-to-day allows freedom to follow curiosity. It allows time to ask important questions, to reflect, and to really look and listen to their work, and to the world.

“The world of play favors exuberance, license, abandon. Shenanigans are allowed, strategies can be tried, selves can be revised.” - Diane Ackerman, Deep Play