AVA: The Association for Visual Arts / 30 Frazier Ave. July 7, 2017 - July 29, 2017

Charlie Newton, Iantha Newton

You're invited to a reception the art exhibition by Charlie and Iantha Newton, founders of SPLASH Youth Arts Workshop. Married for 26 years, this husband and wife team share their diverse styles and challenges as artists of color. The exhibition will feature large canvases displaying their individuality of style yet commonality of thought. This exhibition was made possible by an Arts Build Equity in the Arts grant.

Artists Statement:

Charlie: In 2014 I began constructing canvases that erupted the picture plane in order to soften the rectangle and edges of the painting. I want to show the physicality of the painting process that blur the edges between two and three dimensionality and psychological verses literal aspects of art making. To this end I recently began draping, tying and shaping the canvas blurring the edges between the two and three dimensionality of    the work. This enhances the ritualistic nature of my work.

Iantha: My paintings are the product of a type of unconscious remembering and can range from landscapes, figures and shapes that either have the feel of the still life or alternatively are imbued with living characteristics. Images emerge on the canvas in a spontaneous way and without much forethought. Once a composition is perceived no matter how fleeting or obvious, I then work to reveal or excavate the perceived images.            The smaller works seek an intimate connection with the viewer as do the larger pieces for the most part.

Charlie and Iantha co-founded SPLASH a free art school in the Black community.