• Midnight Paracosm (installation)

    Urethane Resin, bone, found objects, paint, fur, crystals
    dimensions Variable  |  2016

  • Concussed Conscience (detail)

    Urethane Resin, goat horns, Found Objects, Paint, silicone, crystals, fur
    65"h x 34"w x 36"d  |  2016

  • Beast of Burden

    Urethane Resin, Antler, Found Object, Paint
    40"h x 28"w x 24"d  |  2015

  • Hydron Excelsior

    Urethane resin, stain, deer antler, found objects, paint
    30"h x 19"w x 27"d  |  2014

  • Zerophilia

    Urethane Resin, Deer Antler, Found Objects, Paint
    36"H x 32"W x 8"D  |  2015

  • Eddy Chickhands

      |  2015

  • Fukushima Pet

    Urethane foam, urethane resin, paint, epoxy resin
    12"h x 11"w x 22"d  |  2014

  • Nephilim Confidante'

    Urethane Resin, Found objects, silicone, paint,
    36"h x 19"w x 32"d  |  2015

  • The Collector

    Urethane Resin, Paint, Found objects, deer antlers
    63"h x 23"w x 29"d  |  2013

MATTHEW DUTTON Representation (4) Website CV

Chattanooga, TN | Sculpture, Mixed Media, Installation

Matthew Dutton was born in Winterpark, FL. He lives and works now in Chattanooga, TN currently. Matthew Dutton's art has been featured in the New York Times, The Worleygig, Dirgemag, Widewalls, BetweenMirrors, Beautiful Bizzare, among many others. His work has been exhibited at the Morbid Anatomy Museum, The Metro Show, Copro Gallery, Hive Gallery, La Luz De Jesus Gallery, Auguste Clown Gallery as well as several group exhibitions at Stephen Romano Gallery since its inauguration.

Matthew Dutton is a multidisciplinary artist whose works employ a hybrid of visual symbols and found objects to create a feral aesthetic through economy of intervention which shares affinities with outsider art, art brut, and neuvre invention - a category of art Jean Dubuffet rationalized as "..of comparable power and inventiveness to Art Brut, but their greater contact with normal society and the awareness they had of their art works precluded their inclusion within his strict Art Brut category.”

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Drifting into the realm of the surrealism, these works reveal a glimpse of a larger world that dwells within their creator. Works reflect a biographical depiction of a status of being in the life of the artist. A multitude of textures, materials; both natural and synthetic, and visual connotations permeate the look and meaning of these works. A story explained through objects created within a time frame that is chronologically disjointed; only to come full circle within the content of a chance meeting, an available selection, made on impulse. The things that live within are allowed to escape when disconnected directly from self; the choice to own these things is both an honor and a terror.

His personal artwork includes both painting and sculptural techniques. Currently, Matthew is working on a grouping of interesting sculptural creatures that embody a simultaneous sense of attraction and repulsion. These sculptures are intended to conjure emotions playing on morbid curiosity and uncanny experiences. The animal – human hybrid ‘Phigments’ are dreamlike creatures that inhabit domestic vignettes and are often presented interacting in juxtaposition with familiar objects one might find in their own home.

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