• Tiny Magic Ocean

    acrylic and gouache on makeup box
    4.5” x 4.5” x 1"  |  2020

  • Opal's World

    acrylic and gouache on canvas
    8" x 8"   |  2020

  • The Opera of Staying Home

    acrylic and gouache on canvas
    20" x 20"  |  2020

  • Put Me Into a Movie

    acrylic and gouache on paper
    9" x 12"  |  2020

  • Entering the Holarctic Realm

    acrylic and gouache on canvas
    12" x 12"  |  2020

  • The Beauty of Toypurina

    acrylic and gouache on canvas
    48" x 60"  |  2019

  • Sand-Dune Opals at the Hollywood Bowl

    acrylic and gouache on panel
    24" x 48"  |  2019

  • Mirage of Clouds Under Pegasus Software

    acrylic and gouache on canvas
    16" x 20"  |  2020

  • Mirrors Within Agate

    acrylic and gouache on panel
    36" x 48"  |  2021


Tri-cities, TN | Painting

I am an artist who primarily creates mixed media paintings with imagery sourced from physical places, childhood memories, and symbols connected to my matrilineal ancestry. Originally from Los Angeles, I have been based in East Tennessee for over 20 years, living in Johnson City with my partner and our children, Strummer & Opal.

My primary influences are Kate Bush, Andrew Thomas Huang, Perfume Genius, SWOON, and Eva Hesse. I additionally have grown my art practice to include the creation of music, short films, and interactive fiber art, under the multimedia project name, “Liz the Prophetess.”

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I frequently use the image of rainbows in relation to bifröst, the mythological rainbow-road between different worlds. This personally references my curiosity on the meaning of an afterlife, becoming more complex after the loss of my mother, while I was becoming a mother myself. My only certain belief is that we each experience multiple symbolic “afterlives” during the time that we are alive – when one life phase ends, a new phase and way of living begins.

This blending of honoring memory with the present is visually executed within my artwork, through expressive mark-making and dream-like forms that are somewhat diluted in structure, but strong and vibrant in color and textural sheen. I utilize iridescent materials alongside water-based pigments as a way to transport the audience to an experience that is interactively unique, depending on light source and physical proximity to the painting.

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