• #1342-3d

    51”h x 30”w x 22”d  |  2016

  • Gray Arc

    oil on canvas
    60”h x 60”w   |  2016

  • Powder

    oil on canvas
    60”h x 60”w   |  2016

  • Silver Section

    oil, silver leaf on canvas
    48”h x 60”w  |  2016

  • Theater (2)

    oil on canvas
    48”h x 60”w   |  2016

  • Theater

    oil on canvas
    72”h x 96”w  |  2016

  • #1339-3d

    wood, metal, paint
    59”h x 46”w x 12”d  |  2016

  • #1340-3d

    metal, limestone
    39”h x 6”w x 6”d  |  2016

KIT REUTHER Representation Website CV

Nashville, TN | Painting, Sculpture, Mixed Media

Born: Nashville, Tennessee
Current: Nashville, Tennessee
Education: Austin Peay State University 1975-1977; O'More School of Design 1977-1980

Self-taught Painter and Sculptor

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I am both a painter and a sculptor- self taught. Modernist forms and lines are borrowed back and forth between 2- and 3- dimensional work.

My most recent work is an ongoing series of "totems" fabricated in sheet metal, allowing geometry to play an important role it the outcome. Straight lines and faceted shapes provide simplicity and clarity of form in both the sculpture and painting.

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