• Lagoon of the Crescent Moon

    acrylic with a resin seal
    20" diameter  |  2021

  • Solar Synapse

    acrylic, graphite, hand-cut weaving and assemblage on linen
    36 x 36"  |  2021

  • Monstera Melancholia

    acrylic on recycled canvas
    18" X 20"  |  2021

  • A New Wave

    acrylic, pastel, oils, oil stick on linen
    42" X 42"  |  2020

  • The Earth Is A Woman

    acrylic, oils, pastel, woven canvas on canvas
    36" X 36"  |  2020

  • Probably Going To Internalize This

    acrylic, pastel, oils on linen
    36" X 36"  |  2020

  • On The Horizon

    oils, pastel, ink on recycled canvas
    36" X 36"  |  2020

  • Spectra

    acrylic, gold leaf on linen
    24" X 30"  |  2020

  • Half Truths And Everything In Between

    acrylic, oils, pastel on woven canvas
    36" X 36"  |  2019

KEISHA LOPEZ Representation Website CV

Nashville, TN | Painting, Mixed Media, Drawing

Keisha Lopez, B.S.A., is an artist living in Nashville, Tennessee. Her work explores themes of transformation, cultural ties, and duality by creating spaces shifting between landscapes, biomorphic imagery, and visions. She explores creativity as a mode of healing, growth, and neurogenesis.

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Keisha Lopez’s latest body of work, ‘Ancestral Wisdom’ is a reintegration of her previously white-washed cultural ties to Mesoamerica. This body of work radiates a divine femininity through color, weaving, and natural imagery. Specifically, this series looks back at how her lineage processed grief and death as a transformative state. Environmental connection takes a precedent in her work as it highlights the need for conservation and sustainability to create a more equitable future for all. Through a reconnection of her culture, Lopez pursues healing across generational trauma.

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