• Helena

    oil on canvas
    48 x 60 inches  |  2021

  • Lindsey

    oil on canvas
    36 x 48 inches  |  2021

  • From When We Used to Travel

    oil on canvas
    40 x 30 inches  |  2021

  • Dirt Pile Behind the Bonnie Kate

    oil on canvas
    24 x 30 inches  |  2021

  • Oui, Je Comprends

    19 x 12.5 inches  |  2021

  • Safe at Home

    oil on canvas
    48 x 48 inches  |  2020

  • Party Pants

    oil on Canvas
    72 x 48 inches  |  2020

  • The Red Shoes

    oil on canvas
    60 x 68 inches  |  2020

  • Forest of Tongue

    19 x 12.5 inches  |  2020


Tri-cities, TN | Painting, Printmaking

Katie Murphy was born in 1984 in New Orleans, LA, and grew up in Tupelo, Mississippi. In May of 2020, she received her Bachelor of Fine Arts in Studio Art from East Tennessee State University. Murphy has been included in various important exhibitions including “Art Now America”, at Slocumb Galleries, Johnson City, TN, and “National Juried Biennial Painting Exhibition 2021”, at the University of Southern Mississippi Museum of Art, Hattiesburg, MS. She has an upcoming solo show, “Singing Over the Bones”, in June 2022 in Abingdon, VA. Murphy is a painter and printmaker working with concepts of personal feminism. She currently lives and works in Johnson City, TN.

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The Wild Woman archetype appears in stories from cultures around the world and she also appears in my own story. She is strong, angry, instinctual, and protective; qualities often stamped out of nice Southern girls. I make work about where the Wild Woman’s presence intersects my experience as a woman, mother, sister, friend, and wife. The figures I represent are in various states of coming into or out of their acceptance of their ability to affect the world in which they live. Using photos of my family and friends allows allusion to greater archetypal stories and shared experiences while rooting each piece in a personal and specific narrative.

The figure is a consistent source of inspiration for me as a vehicle for human empathy. Gestural energy and abstraction also play integral roles in my work as I strive to represent emotions and inner realities. I enjoy expressive mark making and find an elemental interest in the figure and in light. As I depict these figures in their honesty and struggle I find that they are connecting to their personal power and growth.

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