• "Corporatized Version of Native American Family"

    (featured in The Man Show at L. Ross Gallery June 2016) Wood, plastic Red Man snuff container, plastic tie carousel with one broken prong, severed cypress knee, nail symbolic of railroad spike, egg shell.
    6in X 12in  |  2016

  • "Gaisman Mural"

    Photographic montage translated into acrylic paint on polytab, clear gel medium
    23.5ft X 76ft  |  2014

  • "Peering Into Gonie's Sacred Mystery In Order to Discover the Truth About Santa" (side 2)

    acrylic on plexiglas panels
    20ft X 11ft  |  2016

  • "Bee Self-Fastened To The Duct Tape Cross"

    Duct Tape, Bee, in light box, 8X10 inches featured in Number Presents: Art of the South, juror Alice Gray Stites, Martha and Robert Fogelman Galleries of Contemporary Art, University of Memphis
    6in X 11in  |  2014

  • "Melted Together Through Tragedy"

    Pigment on vinyl
    24in X 48in  |  2015

  • Corporate Communion (diptych)

    This image was created by Jason Miller and unveiled at his 2011 solo exhibition at Playhouse on the Square in the Overton Square district of Memphis, TN.
    57in X 34in  |  2011

  • "Limp: In Chemtrail Contemplation of the Assassination of Sonny Bono"

    (featured in The Man Show at L. Ross Gallery June 2016) Purple Heart (wood), European Pine (wood), Poplar (wood), aluminum, steel, German Shepherd hair from "King" (age twelve), binder's twine, rubber, wool, stage blood, clear gel medium, labradorite (stone), cork, resin, sun faded plastic American Flag, posthumous bee, moss, paint brush, white paint symbolic of "white wash" media / governmental / secret operations coverup, Aspen Pine (wood), angle grinded master locks, pencil graphite, glass, turntable, dirt, dead grass, Jesus packing tape, personal desktop fan, painter's tape, ink, men's tie, thunder stick from the now defunct KB Toy Store, man skiing mobile from Heavenly Ski Resort in Nevada where Sonny Bono was found dead, unidentified fibers, biblical phrase sticker, synthetic hair, plastic tomato grate / produce container, chemtrail / geo-engineering dust, glass test tubes, Gardenia, DNA of the Artist, vintage miniature Christmas tree, angel sweat, miscellaneous artifacts of secret personal significance to the Artist.
    3ft X 2ft   |  2016

  • "Artifact of a Relationship Vol. 1"

    solo exhibition at Masonic Contemporary of the Scottish Rite Cathedral, Memphis, TN
    22ft X 6ft (installation)  |  2014

  • "Self-Text - Object Portrait"

    electronic and pigment and vinyl on aluminum
      |  2014


Memphis, TN | Painting, Sculpture, Mixed Media, Photography, Sound, Performance, Installation

Jason Nicholas Miller, also known as soulrecorder, works in imagery ranging from photography to painted murals, intimate sculptures, personal audio recordings, and curatorial endeavors.

Miller began his art practice in 1998–Memphis, TN has been home to both his studio practices and curatorial projects. Miller received his Master's of Fine Art from The University of Memphis in 2010 and has taught art foundations and digital art since 2007 at the University of Memphis where he also serves The Art Museum of the University of Memphis.

Miller curates the Circuitous Succession Series, which has expanded between 2013 thru the present to include a commercial gallery of the same name and survey annual exhibitions including Circuitous Succession Epilogue.

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Art is my preferred method of communication–all the while I do not behold solely to a particular medium. In humbleness I am willing to grow and let experiances and newly gleamed wisdom speak through me. I elect materials best suited for each idea and experiment with new mediums in communion with my core mediums that include electronic imaging, sound recordings, arranging found and created objects to create new visual symbolism. In the mode of sculpture I reassign and invent meaning through connections I make through the placement of objects, in imagery I photograph through my camera and orchestrate the images into series and large format montages for public and private spaces. My work finds an appropriate installation space within the museum and gallery setting, but it is in the forest where I regenerate my ideas before making new art in my studio within the city of Memphis, TN. Holding fast to the simple way a child builds a snowman or an experimenter makes art in new fascination is an important guiding force to my visual language and artistic répertoire.

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