• deserts of moab

    oil, hand ground pigment, foam on panel
    8 x 10  |  2016

  • evening chasm

    photopaper, wax, and oil on panel
    8 x 10  |  2016

  • music

    oil and graphite on panel
    8 x 10  |  2016

  • the janitor's

    oil and mixed media on canvas
    72 x 62 x 1  |  2016

  • morning

    oil and mixed media on burlap on wood
    8 x 10 x .5  |  2016

  • behind everyday's illusions

    oil, graphite, wax, mixed media on panel
    8 x 10 x .5  |  2016

  • come home

    oil, wax, photo, leaf on linen
    14 x 11 x 1  |  2016

  • patti's peppermint horse

    oil, wax, puzzle pieces, collage, peppermint dust on canvas
    40 x 30 x 1  |  2016

  • phoenix

    oil, gesso, spray paint, collage, glue on canvas
    18 x 24 x 1  |  2016


Nashville, TN | Painting, Mixed Media, Drawing, Time-based, Installation

Nashville-based artist David Onri Anderson received his BFA in 2016 from the Watkins College of Art, Design & Film. Anderson’s artwork has been exhibited nationally, including group shows at ZieherSmith in New York, the Atlanta Contemporary Arts Center, and Zeitgeist Gallery in Nashville. In addition to his work as an artist, Anderson is co-director/curator of mild climate in The Packing Plant.

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Painting is a process that immediately involves collaboration of the subject and my own receptiveness. This practice becomes a collection of images and rhythms that leave a trail of responses to life experiences. My goal is to form a path that allows the viewer to enter in a way that unites our experiences without homogenizing our differences, so that there can be an open and clear space where there was none before. The work I make resists the spectacle and urges a greater importance for silence, ambiguity, and rest.

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