• Cordyline

    acrylic on two dimensional panels
    72" x 68" x 7.25”  |  2021

  • Arizona Desert

    acrylic on dimensional panel
    19" x 21" x 5”  |  2021

  • Autumnal II

    acrylic on dimensional panel
    38" x 58" x 5”  |  2021

  • Stingray

    acrylic on dimensional panel
    23" x 38" x 5.25”  |  2021

  • Ascension

    acrylic on dimensional panel
    48" x 58" x 8”  |  2021

  • Vader,

    acrylic on dimensional panel
    50" x 26" x 7"  |  2021

  • Sanguinebulous Cannacea

    acrylic on dimensional panel
    41" x 35" x 6”  |  2020

  • La Vie de Sirène

    acrylic on linen over dimensional panel
    33" x 29" x 5.25”  |  2020

  • Rococotton Candy

    acrylic on dimensional panel
    21" x 21" x 2.5”  |  2020

BRANDON WOODS Representation Website CV

Knoxville, TN | Painting, Sculpture, Mixed Media

Brandon Woods (b. 1987, Knoxville, TN, USA) is an interdisciplinary artist who creates artworks which bridge art, craft, science, and mathematics. Woods earned his MFA in Painting from SCAD in 2015 and his BFA in Studio Art (Painting and Sculpture) from Middle Tennessee State University in 2010. He has received numerous awards and grants for his work, including, most recently, a Bailey Opportunity Grant through the Knoxville Arts & Culture Alliance. His work has been exhibited and collected throughout the United States and internationally: in New York, Atlanta, Los Angeles, Miami, Hong Kong, Canada, and France. His most recent solo exhibition was “Spatium” at the Emporium Center in Knoxville, TN in July, 2021. He is represented by Pivot Point Gallery in Knoxville. He currently lives and works in Knoxville, where he is developing an exciting new body of work for his next exhibition, “The Planets” in May, 2023.

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My process is heavily research-based and interdisciplinary; I draw from diverse fields of study such as modular arithmetic, neuroscience, color theory, carpentry, and computer programming in order to investigate the interaction of art, language, and the science of the mind. My focus is on the roles of language and memory in the cognitive processes involved in the viewer’s translation of sight into perception and in their generation and application of meaning to abstract, visual imagery. My works are a synthesis of analytical craftsmanship and intuitive expression: working in a four-dimensional arena, I design and construct dimensional panels which vary simultaneously in height, depth, width, and/or pitch. Projecting outwards from the wall, my dimensional works activate the space around the viewer and establish a sculptural presence which places emphasis on the viewer’s interaction with the work and perception of it. Further, the paintings I create on these panels blend hard-edge techniques and intuitive expression through luminous fields of color which are built by slowly weaving carefully selected colors through thin glazes. My approach yields compositions which activate virtual space and time, subtly changing in color and composition relative to the viewer’s physical proximity to the work. This effect is emphasized to the point that even the viewer’s height, posture, and orientation becomes a part of the reading of the work itself. To this end, viewers are able to have an active, participatory role in their engagement with my work, as the gestalt product of the varying dimensions and compositions in each of my works results in a time-based drama that unfolds for every viewer who engages with the work, telling a story unique to each of them, as they connect that work to their individual past experiences and memories. I encourage my viewers to relish the individual experience they have with my works and to embrace the memories they associate with it, as I direct their perception of dimensionality across physical space, virtual space, and time.

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