• landscape amnesia

    oil on canvas / this body of work hopes to contribute to and complicate the current cultural frameworks of making as it relates to the psychology of living in a consumerist society. Operating in the tension between painting as cave art and as a luxury good, the work is made as an observation of instinct as well as a conceptual questioning of normalizing the effects of capitalist structures.
    48" x 36" x 1.5"  |  2018

  • time as transparent

    screen and found construction markers / assemblage as visual poetry ruminating on the physical (and subsequently ideological) structures that manifest from perception and frameworks. The materials function as tools for partial understandings of the experience of time and space.
    30" x 24" x 24"  |  2018

  • the pace of being dissolved (phoenix)

    oil on canvas / angular lines interface with snippets of landscape as an examination of systemic violence to our environment. The visual framing suggest the possibility of reorienting ourselves to the "often catastrophic consequences of the smooth functioning of our economic and political systems" (Zizek).
    24" x 18" x 1.5"  |  2018

  • the erotic life of alchemy

    oil on canvas / explores the function of desire as a force toward transformation. Slits in the canvas allude to sexuality and the objectness of the painting.
    48" x 36" x 1.5"  |  2018

  • inheritance

    found construction markers, styrofoam, drop cloth, and oil on canvas / continuing the use of landscape imagery combined with hard edges, the objects converse on emotion as a sensory phenomenon and the ways our cerebral processes interact with feeling-toned stimulants. I'm interested in pairings or groupings as an assertion of relational understanding and interconnectedness.
    24" x 8" x 5", 24" x 18"  |  2018


Knoxville, TN | Painting, Sculpture

Born in Southern Appalachia and currently residing in Knoxville, Tennessee, Addair has taken an unconventional path to making contemporary art. Beginning as a self-trained commercial artist she is collected internationally, and is an active member of the regional creative community as a visual artist, dancer, and organizer. Addair works in collaboration with Michael Giles as Practices Of.

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Interested in conversation toward individual integration and realizing the deep reaches of our interconnectedness, my work is both a primal coping response to our age and a contribution to our shared human questions.

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