• Sink

    Mix Media/One of the original Framed Construction pieces. Showing the process of installing a sink. From the outside in, you can see the wooden studs 16 inches apart, then the green sheetrock, drywall mud, wallpaper, and in the center the plumbing for the sink.
    48x48x12  |  2014

  • Durok

    Mix media/ Showing both the process of building a Durok wall and start of demo removing tile. Process of Construction and Demolition. Inspired by Rothko paintings, I wanted to express how the process of construction has its own beauty that is lost when the construction is complete. I made this piece so one can be viewed closely and intimately, not covered and ignored.
    60 x 36 x 6"  |  2015

  • Expectations

    Mix Media/ Showing the process of constructing a wall. Then painting the walls blue. Later, painting over the wall with Pink. This piece takes place in a house hold of a family who were expecting. They painted the walls blue, but when the baby came home, covered it with pink.
    48 x 48 x 6  |  2015

  • Tile

    A framed construction original piece revealing the process of constructing a tiled wall as art. Placing the studs every 16" apart, durok, thinset, tile, and grout. In this piece I considered meaning for me with the choice of color, and the given colors restricted by the building material. Grey, gold, and red. For me these colors have meaning. Grey being a balance of good an evil, gold representing success and goals, and red representing the blood and passion to achieve that success.
    48x48x6  |  2014

  • Ceiling

    Showing the process of constructing a Popcorn Mud Ceiling. When I was very young I remember being in my room, laying on my bed counting the specks from the popcorn ceiling. While counting I wondered how many specks there were. I also wondered how many stars there where in the sky, and what life was, and what death was, and why was I here. Ever since then, when I look at the ceiling I remember to wonder.
    48x48x6  |  2015

  • Occupied

    This piece shows the process of building a wall, but it also reveals the presence of two families living in the same home. One family paint the walls grey and installing a shelf. The second family moves in and paints the walls white up to the shelf, then removing the shelf reveals the previous familys paint.
    48x32x6  |  2015


Chattanooga, TN | Sculpture, Mixed Media

Adam is a Chattanooga artist originally from Soddy Daisy, TN. Coming from a modest family lifestyle of middle class homes, trailers and houseboats, he worked in construction in order to pay for his college education. Adam received his BFA in 3D Sculpture from the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga in 2014. His education enhanced his natural appreciation for craft and theory, and introduced him to local ceramic artist Shadow May, whom pushed his skills and education with an extended apprenticeship. After school he lived in an unconventional lifestyle, living and working in his studio, making great sacrifices and taking great risks in the pursuit of his artistic career.

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I believe art is a reflection of our perceptions of life. Those perceptions can take any shape or form that we want it to take. I experience a moment in my life, that I have an acute awareness of, and feel a need to share it through art. What I feel in these moments creates a contradiction: that it is both solely my own and should be shared. It is not the craftsmanship, the physical rendering, the techniques, or the time spent on a piece, but the feeling that was felt in its creation, the concept behind it, and the life it reflects within me.

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