• Subverting The Gaze

    3-d body scan, glass, wood, light media, neon, bronze, moving blanket, silk
    Installation  |  2017

  • Subverting The Gaze Detail

    glass, wood, bronze
    36x36  |  2017

  • Subverting The Gaze Detail

    moving blanket, ink, sandbag
    82x74  |  2017

  • Resilient

    wood, fabric, neon, cinderblock, magazine
    83x42  |  2016

  • Sisterhood Is Still Strong

    glass, neon, wood, diamond plate
    35x61x33  |  2016

  • Perceptual Identity

    wood, paint, neon, dixie cups, diamond plate decal
    48x28  |  2016

  • Fetish

    sandblasted glass, wood, print
    10x60  |  2017

  • Rural Livin'

    ceramic, foam, wood, dresser, carpet, diamond plate, metallic streamer
      |  2016

  • SHE

    velvet sandbag, neon, chrome exhaust tip, fluorescent light, hardware
    Installation  |  2017


Nashville, TN | Sculpture, Mixed Media, Printmaking, Installation

My work challenges socio-political contexts of the American psyche, specifically as it pertains to power structures, social ideologies, and gender inequality. Having been raised in the South with a fairly conservative upbringing, I am in constant negotiation between cultural archetypes and identity. My transdisciplinary approach to installation allows me to reflect on materials as cultural signifiers, positioning objects for what they are, not what we have told them to be. By creating psychological spaces with light and projected messages, I introduce the viewer to their subconscious desires, allowing them to recognize their conditioning by eliminating the patriarchal scenario.

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