• the sculptural painting: two (detail)

    96"x180"x120"  |  2015

  • the sculptural painting: two

    96"x180"120"  |  2015

  • tsp: one-six

    144"x360"x2"  |  2016

  • tsp: one-six (detail)

    144"x360"x2"  |  2016

  • manifesting ego

    36"x36"x2"  |  2015

  • trouble reaches eternal ecstasy

    28"x48"x2"  |  2016

  • black

    12"x12"x2"  |  2016

  • gray

    12"x12"x2"  |  2015

  • green

    12"x12"x2"  |  2015


Nashville, TN | Painting, Sculpture, Printmaking, Installation

Jovanni Luna uses painting and printmaking to emphasize the physical process of making work. He received his BFA from Washington State University (2013), and his MFA from Columbus College of Art & Design (2015).

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Instinctual repetitive actions of layering, cutting and rolling the paint, this laborious process of working becomes hidden with each additional layer of material, obscuring the actions before it, only allowing subtle cues to be seen in the end: hints of color, gentle textures, subtle brush strokes. I consciously determine the layout of each piece, a simplistic look from afar and complex design up close. In the end the goal is not about the final object being a painting, sculpture, or installation, but rather about subtly exposing the process.

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