• Reaching

    18" x 7" x 1.5"  |  2019

  • Reflections

    tin tape, concrete
    8" x 6" x 6"  |  2019

  • In-between

    limestone, india ink
    6" x 18" x 5"  |  2019

  • Left Behind

    plaster, wood
    6' x 20' x 10"  |  2018

  • Immersed

    24" x 36"  |  2019

  • Fragmented

    3" x 16" x 5"  |  2019

  • Life After

    8" x 3" x 2.5"  |  2019

  • Tributary

    salt, water
    6' x 6' x 6'  |  2018

  • The Blaming Stick

    string, wood
    13" x 2" x 2"  |  2018


Knoxville, TN | Painting, Sculpture, Mixed Media, Photography, Drawing, Time-based, Performance

Jake Miller is a sculptor living in Knoxville, Tennessee. Before moving to Tennessee, Miller lived in Moline, IL where he received his AA from Blackhawk College. He then moved to Macomb, IL where he received his BFA with an emphasis in Graphic Design from Western Illinois University. Miller has worked as a Studio Assistant for numerous public sculptors in the Midwest. Miller has exhibited his work across the United States.

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As a boy, I often went hiking through the wooded areas behind my family’s home in all seasons. After walking for a undetermined distance I would choose a tree to sit under. Then for the next several hours I sat waiting and watching. As the events unfolded around me. Listening to the chattering and cooing of the animals. I have always felt most at home when experiencing nature. My current body of work explores the intersection of human and nature. By using materials such as fallen branches, stones, or tree bark that I have collected often on walks similar to the ones I experienced as a boy. Through use of material I seek to animate the inanimate by manipulating space through the use of man-made and natural material helps me to gain a better understanding of my own connection to the natural world.

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