• Eight

    Cast Iron
    26x48x64"   |  2013

  • Hangers

    60x15x36"  |  2017

  • UnPeel

    Vinyl Wood
    55x32x1"  |  2017

  • Bench

    Cast Iron and Oak
    24x72x30"  |  2014

  • Ironic Iron Irons

    Cast Iron and Cotton
    5x6x8" each  |  2012


Knoxville, TN | Sculpture

Holly Mailey Kelly is currently a Masters of Fine Arts Candidate in Sculpture at the University of Tennessee Knoxville. She received her B.F.A. in Sculpture (with departmental honors) from Massachusetts College of Art and Design, Boston in 2013. After college, she worked for a full-service art foundry that cast metal for practicing artists. Kelly also worked as an assistant to multiple working artists including James Brenner, a prolific public sculptor in the mid-west.

Kelly has had various pieces of her work installed in sculpture and public parks. Currently “Bench” a cast iron sculpture is displayed in Krutch Park in Knoxville Tennessee and received an honorable mention from the juror. In 2015, she received an honorarium to be an artist-in-residence at the Franconia Sculpture Park in Shafer, Minnesota during the Hot Metal Artist Residency. In the past five years, she has been in groups shows in Maine, Massachusetts, Minnesota, Alabama, Tennessee, and New York City.

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"We begin to confront the thingness of objects when they stop working for us: when the drill breaks, when the car stalls, when the window gets filthy, when their flow within the circuits of production and distribution, consumption and exhibition, has been arrested, however momentarily.” - Bill Brown

How often do we think about the chair we sit on? The wire hangers in our closet? I am interested in noticing these everyday objects again. Looking and learning from them and giving it another life or moments through modifying the object. Alterations come from either manipulation of the original object or recreating it transformed out of new materials. The work is thoughtful and subtle and recognizable but forces the viewer to look again.

In our daily routines, we start to repeat the same actions with the same objects over and over. I want to bring awareness to these things we miss through repetition. I am manipulating those moments to call attention to the beauty in the every day and to create new memories with forgotten objects.

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