• Resolved

    16mm to digital transfer, file cabinets
      |  2017

  • Resolved

    16mm to digital transfer, file cabinets
      |  2017

  • 3 Films for Music Box

    16mm to digital transfer, music box
      |  2016

  • Expedient Exaggeration

    Digital video
      |  2015

  • Mrs. Beecher Finds a Chicken

    Fried chicken, found audio
      |  2015


Knoxville, TN | Time-based, Sound, Installation, Video

Christopher Spurgin was born and raised in Nebraska and has lived and worked across the United States. He received his BS in Broadcasting and New Media from the University of Nebraska Omaha in 2011 and his MFA from the University of Tennessee in 2017. His background working for Uncle Sam, Showbusiness, and Corporate America has led him to approach his work with a unique sense of humor and cynical optimism.

Working with video, sound, and found footage, Christopher’s work explores the power of media and technology to cultivate an environment of contradictions–connectedness and isolation, hope and disappointment, assurance and fear.

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Whereas contemporary circumstance has invalidated conventional wisdom, reordering logic
and the value of fact;

Whereas devaluation of truth leads to the loss of certainty;

Whereas this erosion of confidence has inspired concerns now pervasive across the broad
spectrum of society;

Whereas retreat to an imagined or revised past offers relief from the fear of change;

Whereas comfort inhibits progress through mechanisms including--
(1) denial;
(2) inaction; and,
(3) impotence;

Whereas the above influences result in a society suspended in a moment of cultural limbo: Now,
therefore, be it

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