• Dunegrass

    acrylic on canvas
    30" x 40"  |  2020

  • Glacier

    acrylic on canvas
    36" x 48"  |  2019

  • Evergreen

    acrylic on canvas
    46" x 48"  |  2019

  • Patternscapes (installation)

    Installation photo from 'Patternscapes' at Ground Floor Gallery (Nashville, TN)
      |  2019

  • Light Fragment

    acrylic on canvas
    46" x 48"  |  2018

  • Wild Field

    acrylic on canvas
    52" x 62"  |  2016

  • Appalachian Red

    acrylic on canvas
    46" x 48”  |  2015

  • Night Barge

    acrylic on canvas
    46" x 48"  |  2015

  • Brilliant Bluff

    acrylic on canvas
    30" x 32"  |  2015

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Nashville, TN | Painting, Mixed Media, Drawing

Amanda Joy Brown works out of her studio in Nashville, TN. She studied painting at Harding University and earned her MFA in the painting program at the Savannah College of Art and Design. Her work has been exhibited internationally and is in collections in New York, Switzerland, London, France, Britain, Monaco, and Luxembourg.

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Patternscapes is a body of work based on the simplicity and complexity of memory, which both reduces and elaborates. Remembered experience is reference, while pattern draws out fragments of clarity to recreates detail, creating a lexicon of texture and rhythm. Linear marks capture the texture of foliage or the presence of small waves across the surface of the water, and colors vibrate against each other, both emotive and descriptive. 

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