• Nightmare Suit

    Suit for Performance, stuffed animal pelts
    life-size  |  2011

  • Deferred Gratification

    Sequence follows psychology and cycle of violence—a period of relative calm, until a build-up of frustration by a series of “incidents" triggers a violent outburst, followed by the calm state, etc. An exploration of desire, the anthropomorphization of the object and the violence on its symbolic form, which only begets more violence, as exemplified by the cyclic, rewardless, and self-destructive search.
    Variable  |  2010

  • Sweepstakes

    Performance with broom, lamp
    Variable  |  2015

  • Together We Can

    Performance with Ashley Hamilton, custom clothing, in which we swap clothing without disrobing
    Variable  |  2014

  • Mediator (Trap Door)

    decoy coyote, sod, mylar baloons, paint
    66"x36"x36  |  2013

  • Broken Bones and Gravestones

    wood, cinder blocks, spray paint
    Variable  |  2013

  • May Your Arrows Fly Straight and Your Aim Be True

    oil on wood, copper, arrow
    15"x11"  |  2013

  • 1st Player

    Found objects
    10"x30"x6"  |  2012

  • Ashes Ashes

    ceramic, spray paint, glaze; hand built ceramic axe and grenade, slip case porcelain pistol
    Variable, life-size  |  2010


Chattanooga, TN | Painting, Sculpture, Mixed Media, Time-based, Performance

Aaron is a multidisciplinary artist living and working in Chattanooga, TN. He received his BFA in 3D Sculpture from the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga and works primarily in the expanded field of sculpture, including video and performance. A founding member of the Apothecary project space, he is currently Director & Curator of the Swine gallery and project space.

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Aaron's work exists between play and danger, self-sabotage and self-help, maturity and senescence. There is an examination of wants and needs, cycles, and self-reflexivity in the context of expanded adolescence; drive, desire, violence & victory, struggle, failure, and persistence. To examine one's self is to learn, change, and grow; Aaron's work is an interpretation of self, but also of the values and climates of the realities in which he works and lives.

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